Crème micro-peeling Éclat du Corps


15 August 2020

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Crème micro-peeling Éclat du Corps


This regenerating care nourishes, firms and mattifies skin that has become sensitive as a result of the aging process and looks younger every day. The exclusive, hyaluronic acid-based LPG anti-aging complex stimulates natural collagen and elastin synthesis and counteracts the breakdown of these substances. Fruit acids accelerate cell renewal and offer a gentle micro-peeling with a visible effect: smoothing out small skin irregularities, glowing complexion, reducing stretch marks and preventing their formation.


Delicately pink, silky, rich cream. With a light fragrance, quickly absorbed.


2% exclusive LPG anti-aging complex

5% fruit acids

Tube 150 ml


Apply mornings and evenings all over the body, especially stretch marks, until the product is completely absorbed.